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How can you be certain the job interview answers you give are exactly what the interviewer is looking for?

The right job interview answers are essential to getting hired.  Give the wrong response to important questions and your opportunity is lost.  Fail to correctly recognize the hidden meaning behind interview questions and you will not impress the interviewer.

What can you do to ensure success and make certain you get hired?

Consider how important a job is to you. You can do better than other applicants in a job interview. Think about how difficult it can be to get hired because of the other applicants who might give a better interview performance than you.

The only thing you can do is to make sure you are fully prepared so you can do better than the other applicants.  You have already found a job vacancy and you would like to be offered the job.  You have filled in the application form and received an offer of an interview.

In many ways that has been the easy part of the job application process.  Now comes the difficult part; the interview.  Or, at least it is the difficult part for most people.  They are the applicants who have not made the right preparations.

They go to the interview feeling embarrassed and very self conscious.  They are nervous and afraid of making a mistake.

What happens in a job interview?

Generally you can expect questions from at least two people but there is only you to give the right answers.

There will be somebody from the department with the job vacancy.  That person will ask interview questions related to any specialist knowledge you should have relevant to the job.

The other person in most cases will be from the Human Resources Department.  He or she will be an expert in asking searching questions some of which are very difficult for most people to answer in the way expected and required by the interviewer.  They use those questions to separate the best applicants from all the rest.  Get it wrong and it will not matter how good your technical expertise is.

Getting hired is easy when you know howPlan for all the questions in a job interview

But knowing how is not straight forward.  It is not something that comes naturally to most people.  Fortunately you can plan for all the questions you are likely to be asked.

Considering how important it is to be successful in a job interview it is surprising how little complete and comprehensive guidance there is for job applicants to get it right.  Furthermore some of the available information is of a very dubious nature.  It is written not by experts but simply by people who recognize a need for information and they do the best they can without having any special knowledge themselves.

How can you be certain you have good and reliable information?  First do not use any information that has not been written by an expert.  For job interview purposes that expert must have long experience in the type of questions an HR manager will ask.

Next you must make certain the information is up to date.  Just as with any specialist knowledge human resource methods are evolving rapidly.  The questions asked last year might not be all that are being asked this year.  Or, possibly, the way those questions are put to you might be different.

Job interview questions and answers

It is possible to find information from several sources.  A lot of it only covers very specific aspects of interview questions and answers.  In fact it is surprising just how little good information there is that covers all you need to know in one place.

For example you will find publications that concentrate on specialist jobs like engineering or teaching or construction work.  You can also find information such as the top ten interview questions.

What is really important is to get everything you need from one source and that is not easy to find.  A good publication will cover the questions you will get about job specific matters and also the more difficult questions such as about how you perform within a work environment.  Or how you handle problems at work.  And even how you handle success.

Human resource questions are very wide ranging and often not expected by job applicants.

After considerable searching for the best publication to help people be successful in job interviews we discovered “The Ultimate Guide Job_interview_answers_bookTo Job Interview Answers“.  We believe it is the best publication of its type.  It is very comprehensive covering virtually everything you are likely to face in a job interview.

Why we like The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers

It has been written by an expert, Bob Firestone.  Bob worked for IBM and was responsible for conducting over 300 job interviews then managing many of the people he hired.

Later he started his own business based on his professional expertise in business, negotiation, hiring and management, interpersonal communication and organizational sociology all of which he studied both in school and as an executive.

Concerning The Ultimate Guide To  Job Interview Answers  he states, “… the only way to sustain a business is to deliver VALUE — and truly help people. Teach them. Give them something useful. Something awesome. Open their eyes to actionable ideas they will benefit from.”

His interview guide does exactly that.  It was introduced in 2004 and is kept completely up to date as new interview questions and methods come along.  Over recent years it has been updated six times.  It continues to be the best selling online publication about job interview answers.

What will you learn from the guide?

In a nutshell – everything you need to attend your job interview with confidence and expecting to be offered the job.  In more detail here are some of the topics covered:

  • Building trust with the interviewer
  • Being confident
  • Behavioural competencies and related tricky questions
  • How to show them you know what you are capable of and how to put it into action
  • Previous job problems
  • Past successes and how you made them happen
  • What did you like or dislike about your previous job
  • Why do you want this job
  • Salary negotiation secrets
  • How to ask for the job
  • and many more


The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers is the one publication you need if you want everything in one place.  It is comprehensive, well written and highly recommended by HR professionals.

Not only does it cover everything you are likely to want to know about answering interview questions but also gives you an important insight into the mystery and methods of job interviews.

Unlike many sources of interview advice Bob’s guide also provides you with ideas for comments you can make, questions you can ask of the interviewer and successful closing statements they like to hear.  We highly recommend The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers.